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    Family Home

    I'm in family home at Hiroshima now.
    My sweet dog is very cute in this summer.

    My country, Hiroshima(actually, not Hiroshima city) is not high urban area. But that is good point.Not urban, but countryside. It's just fit to me.

    There is a many green grasses near my house. It smooths my mind. I'd like to reside such as my country.

    I'll go back my room at next Tuesday. If I can, I don't go back my room, but I can't. Alone life has many sadness...
    But my power is recharged by my sweet dog. Thanks to my dog, and I'll enjoy remained days at my family home.

    Just one leaf

    I'm OK if I have a leaf.
    I'm happy because I am living in the world!
    This is the my favorite song's lyric --- "YATTA!". "YATTA" is very positive song in the songs I know.
    Everyday I'm working hard. So it's not only happy but also unhappy. I want to complain to others! I want to take a vacation!

    But consider carefully, it's very happy because I'm living in the world.
    I'm living, so I can think anything, I can struggle everyday.

    Drop out is available anytime. It's time to exercise patient and learning anything.
    No one success from the start.

    I'll work hard tomorrow too for my future.
    Let's enjoy my life!

    What is happiness?

    It's difficult to define the happiness. Not so long ago, I am told that I seem to unhappiness from my colleague.

    I don't think I am unhappiness. So I don't feel good, I talk about that to my other colleague.

    Then, she teaches an important and ordinary things to me.

    "Happiness is decided by yourself. Happiness is not decided by anyone else. You think "I am happy!", you become a happy."

    Definition the happiness is difficult because the shape of happiness is different from each person. That is why we can decide about our happiness by myself.

    Okay, I am happy! My happiness is decided by myself!


    I knew that news when I see a tweet of one of the iJ... It's a very very bad news for me and midland area in Japan. Radio-i decides to stop own waves on September 30, this year. Suddenly, very suddenly...

    I love Radio-i. I heard often when I'm in midland area especially during writing a paper for master graduation. I like the afternoon program, R-i cafe, R-i jazz and so on. I'm very sad.

    I can't find similar station in Japan, of course including Tokyo. Radio-i told us how music is beautiful, how important to smooth our mind. I appreciate to Radio-i. If Radio-i is not exist in midland of Japan, I would not write out my paper for master graduation.

    Radio-i is also a company. A company is required to management in surplus. This is real. But many listener want to run on Radio-i I guess. I'm truly regretful.

    TOEIC is coming soon!

    I'm planed to take TOEIC test in last of this month. TOEIC is very famous test to measure each person's English skill in Japan ( also in Korea I heard ). I guess TOEIC score shows its English skill, too.

    The point of TOEIC test is hearing test and Part.7 called 'CHO-BUN' in Japanese I think. Hearing and understanding English is more difficult than Reading. If we want to increase TOEIC score, we have to study those points. But... hearing is difficult, isn't you!?

    My latest TOEIC score is 605 point. I want to increase this score to 700... It's challenging target for me, but I'll challenge this target due to my current work...

    "I'll start the diet from tomorrow!" -- I know that is not good, but I'm very tired today. Please start learning for TOEIC from tomorrow...

    Don't be lazy!

    Three month has passed since I had started current job and new life.
    I have learned many things, but my mind is set to still student. I think, this is a problem.

    "Why students are hated?" -- the answer to this question is simple. Many students cannot be punctual, keep to the promise, set up the schedules. In case in the company. Each things are required on the job.

    I was not care about scheduling since I asked the deadline of current project from my manager. A project must have a deadline. Non deadline project is not exist.

    This month, June, I keep schedule of my project in mind and work hard. The world is filled with misery.


    The world is shrinking. By using the internet, we can communicate easily with many people who lives far away.

    We are the part of a company, hence the cost of products is important problem. Communication by using a telephone is cheaper than a oversea trip communication. I think the cutting costs is very good, but also I think it accelerates globalization. 

    Excessive globalization destroys people's life. It concentrates a wealth to only a handful of people.

    My mission is a making of the environment that is exciting for all stakeholders of me. Concentration of wealth doesn't make the good environment, I think.
    Cutting costs is important things but prevent the concentration of wealth is also important.

    The world is standing on the very unstable place and balancing between two difficult matters.

    She is out of office now!

    Last week, I had a call from other division of my company.

    This calling is called "NAI-SEN" in Japanese. Most "NAI-SEN"s come from Japanese, so It's easy to communicate with the person over the phone. But sometime, "NAI-SEN" comes from foreigners (of course, from same building - same company). This is the time to speak English.

    I was very nervous when I talked with over the phone, and I couldn't speak English well. It's very difficult to talk with thinking (about English grammar) for me. Just single word comes from my month at a time... So talking is not continued... Sorry... Sorry...

    Also this post is not write out speedy. Time after time, I refereed to a dictionary.
    I want to write out English speedy. Learning is going on...

    The begining of english diary

    Today, I start writing the diary by English.
    Through this writing, I want to increase my English skills.

    I have to speak English in my current job, and I really want to speak English to communicate with many people in the world.

    If you find mistakes of English grammar in this blog, please tell me about that by writing a comment, posting a twitter, or other way.

    I am planed to take "TOEIC" next month by my company.
    So I think I study English more hard.

    Umm... English is difficult... but It's very excite.
    Okay, let's Enjoy English, setotch!